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CKaTT was informally organized in the summer of 2001. The first CKaTT jerseys were worn by children (born in 1990 and below) in a Christmas basketball tournament in Mississauga.

The following are the accomplishments and involvements of CKaTT through the years:

CKaTT played in Windsor and Chicago for the 2001 NABA exhibition games. NABA stands for North American Basketball Association. It is an annual tournament of Filipino teams in the US and Canada held during the Labor Day weekend. In this tournament, CkaTT won both the Windsor and Chicago tournaments for the Tykes (born 1990 and below) division.

CKaTT’s first jerseys were worn by CKaTT’s first and only team in PHYBA's Christmas Tournament, the Tykes (born 1990 and younger) Division won the Championship.

The Tykes won the championship in the Windsor Tournament. The Windsor Tournament is an annual competition held from July 1-4 run by the Windsor Pinoy Association.

In the PHYBA (Peel-Halton Youth Basketball Association) Christmas Tournament, the Tykes Division (10 years and younger) won the Championship.

In the PHYBA Inaugural Season of 2002-2003, CKaTT entered two teams, Peewee (born 1990-91) and Tykes (born 1992-93). Peewee team won the championship and the Tykes team became the division finalists.

In the second season of PHYBA (2003-2004), five CKaTT teams were represented: Tykes (born 1994-1995), two teams of Peewee (blue and white born 1992-1993), Bantam (born 1990-1991) and Midget (born 1988-1989).

The Tykes, Bantam (sponsored by Dr. B. Sunga-Castillo) and Midget teams won the championship. The Peewee White Team won third place. The Peewee Blue Team (sponsored by  Drs. Solon and Jo Guzman) went to the finals.

In the NABA tournament in Detroit, the Tykes and Peewee became champions. They represented the city of Markham under the sponsorship of Dolce Enterprise.

The Freedom Tournament is an annual Thanksgiving tournament run by Can-Am Sports and headed by PHYBA officials. The Peewee team (born 1990-91) won the championship and the Tykes (born 1992-93) placed in the finals.

In the first ever Mabuhay Cup Tournament of Champions, the Bantam team (born 1990-1992) won the championship. They represented PHYBA.

The Windsor Tournament yielded another championship, this time from the Peewee team (born 1992-1993) who represented Can-Am Sports (PHYBA). The Tykes (1994-1995) and the Bantam team (1990-1991) placed in the finals.

In the 2004 NABA held in Montreal where CKaTT again represented the city of Markham under Dolce Enterprise's sponsorship, both the Peewee and Bantam teams became champions. The Tykes placed in the finals.

The Tykes and Peewee teams won the championships in the Hamilton Exhibition Games.

Four CKaTT teams were represented in the 2004-2005 PHYBA season: Tykes (born 1994-95), Peewees 1 and 2 (born 1992-93 and sponsored by Atty. Amado Cabanela and Dr. Ted H. Cabanela-Tsang) and Bantam (born 1990-91 and sponsored by Dr. Benilda Sunga-Castillo). The Bantam team defended and won the championship. Tykes and Peewee 1 finished 3rd place and Peewee 2 finished 4th.

CKaTT made their first appearance in the MPAA (Mississauga Pilipino Athletic Association) for 2004-05 season. Four teams were represented: Mosquito (born 1995-96), Tykes (born 1993-94), Peewee (born 1991-92) and Bantam (born 1989-90).  Bantam and Tykes placed in the finals. Mosquito and Peewee both were 3rd place.

CKaTT made their first appearance in the Basketball Ontario's (also known as the OBA, Ontario Basketball Association), Blessed Sacrament tournament in Hamilton, Ontario. With an all-Filipino line-up, the Atom division (born 1992-93) placed in the finals. The Bantams (born 1990-91) went several notches higher by winning the championship in this tournament.

CKaTT became officially affiliated with the OBA (Ontario Basketball Association) and for the 2004-05 seasons, became officially known as the Cooksville cKaTT Basketball.

In the first year as a full pledge OBA affiliated club, four CKaTT teams were represented: Novice (born 1995-96), Major Atom (born 1993-94), Bantam (born 1992) and Midget (born 1990-91). In the Ontario Cup Finals in London, Ontario, the Novice team were ranked 18th overall in Ontario, Major Atom were 13th, Bantam were 23rd and Midget were 14th in their respective divisions.

In June 2005, our very own state of the art  website (www.ckatt.org) was launched and made available to the public, most especially in the Basketball industry.

CKaTT represented Markham under Dolce Enterprise's sponsorship in the First annual Independence Day Tournament (July 4th – two day weekend) in Detroit, Michigan. Five teams were represented: Tykes (born 1995-96), Peewee (born 1993-94), Bantam (born 1991-92), Juniors (born 1989-90) and Ladies (16 yrs old and older). Tykes won the championship. Peewee, Bantam, Juniors and Ladies placed in the finals.

Sponsored by Dolce Enterprise, CKaTT represented the city of Toronto (aka Markham) in the 2005 NABA tournament hosted by SIPAG (Staten Island Pilipino Athletic Group) in New York. Tykes and Bantam placed in the finals.

For the 2005-2006 Basketball Ontario season, the first ever CKaTT Basketball School/Clinic was launched for children 15 years old and younger.

CKaTT Rep Team for 2005-06 Basketball Ontario (OBA) had grown from four teams to six  teams. Atom (born 1995-96), Major Atom (born 1994), Bantam (born 1993), Major Bantam (born 1992), Midget (born 1991) and Major Midget (born 1990).

Please stay tuned for more CKaTT successes to come.